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Shelley J

9ct Gold Freeform Pebble Pendant

9ct Gold Freeform Pebble Pendant

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Make a statement of how important it is to be just who you are with this dainty little 9ct gold freeform nugget!

These cute little minimalistic pendants are handmade by me in my little workshop in Devon using recycled gold, that is heated to melting point, where it then takes it’s natural form as a gold nugget blob.

As these nuggets are free formed, each and every one will be unique and you may notice natural flaws. The rear of the nugget is mottled as tbat is the natural form that it takes. The pendants come highly polished, if you would like a matte effect please message me to discuss.

The pendant is threaded carefully on to a choice of. 16” shiny sterling silver chains. If you would prefer your chain to be oxodised (pictured on the shell) please message me to discuss.

Please note that the Sterling silver content of this pendant weighs less than 7.78 grams and the gold content weighs less than 1 gram. Silver jewellery of which the Sterling silver content weighs less than 7.78 grams and gold jewellery weighing less than 1 gram is not required to be hallmarked by law in the UK. Therefor, this piece has not been hallmarked in order to keep the price low for my customers. You can rest assured however that that the content of my pieces has been purchased from from reputable suppliers within the UK. If you would like your piece to be hallmarked please contact me to discuss, but bare in mind that the cost of hallmarking will be reflected in the price of the pendant and could be considerably higher than the original listing.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask 

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