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Shelley J

Jack-o-lantern and Hessonite Garnet one of a kind Storyteller charm set

Jack-o-lantern and Hessonite Garnet one of a kind Storyteller charm set

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The perfect trick or treat treasure combo!

Hessonite garnet, also known as cinnamon stone or "gomed" in Sanskrit, is a captivating gemstone renowned for its warm and earthy hues. It belongs to the garnet family and is characterized by its distinct orange to reddish-brown color, reminiscent of the rich tones found in autumn leaves. Hessonite garnet is revered not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its metaphysical properties. It is believed to possess strong grounding energies that aid in stability and protection. Additionally, hessonite garnet is associated with vitality, creativity, and courage, making it a sought-after gemstone for those seeking inspiration and personal empowerment.

A Jack-o'-lantern is a quintessential symbol of Halloween, evoking a sense of mystery, tradition, and spooky fun. Originating from ancient Celtic folklore, the Jack-o'-lantern is a carved pumpkin with a flickering light inside. Its eerie glow adds an enchanting ambiance to the dark autumn nights. Each Jack-o'-lantern is unique, with its own whimsical or terrifying face, carefully cut and carved by skilled hands. From toothy grins to menacing scowls, these illuminated pumpkins bring a sense of playful fright to doorsteps and windowsills. They serve as beacons of celebration, guiding trick-or-treaters on their nocturnal adventures and warding off evil spirits. 

These cute little Jack-o-lantern pendants are handmade by me in my little workshop in Devon using recycled materials. The Silver is heated to melting point, where it then takes it’s natural form as a silver nugget blob. The blob is then formed under pressure in to this cheeky little Jack-o-lantern shape where it is then carefully finished by hand and oxodised to create a gorgeous rustic effect. 

Paired with the silver Jack-o-lantern, this genuine hessonite garnet freeformed stone is set in a fine silver silver patterned bezel, thus complementing the aura, charm and meanings behind the Jack-o-lantern legend.

The charms are available to purchase alone so that you can match them with a suitable chain of your liking (please see my chain listings for some unique, quality, speciality chains) or you can chose to add a 16”, fine 1.3mm link belcher / rolo chain to your order, made from either sterling silver or 14k gold fill. However, a speciality chain is recommended due to the weight of the charms when worn together.

Hessonite garnet is a natural product so each and every stone is unique. Size, shape and colour will vary slightly from stone to stone and you may notice natural flaws.

You will receive the actual stone and pendant pictured in this listing. 

Please note that the Sterling silver content of these pendants weighs less than 7.78 grams. Silver jewellery of which the Sterling silver content weighs less than 7.78 grams is not required to be hallmarked by law in the UK. Therefor, this piece has not been hallmarked in order to keep the price low for my customers. You can rest assured however that that the silver content of my pieces has been purchased from from reputable suppliers within the UK. If you would like your piece to be hallmarked please contact me to discuss, but bare in mind that the cost of hallmarking will be reflected in the price of the pendant and could be considerably higher than the original listing.

If yiu have any questions pop me a message, I’ll be more than hammy to help. 


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